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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Friday afternoon and Saturday evening…

No, I know it’s not as catchy as Alan Sillitoe’s book title but sometimes you just have to go with what you’ve got. So – what I’ve got is Voltarol on the radio again on Friday afternoon (see link under 'Voltarol Recommends...) with ‘Adventures in the Din Trade, the radio show’ - the printed word in Spoke (apologies to Spike Milligan for that theft) and Que Belo Castelo at the Four Winds Inn, Falmouth on Saturday evening. And who are Que Belo Castelo, I hear you cry? Well, regular readers of these postings will remember one from November last year called A man of constant Choro. Those rehearsals bear their first fruits on Saturday night with that group now bearing a name which is in fact the Portuguese translation of an impersonation of a goldfish…don’t ask – it’s a long story…

Anyway, we’ve added to the range of the material and gained another musician along the way. The musician is clarinettist Dan Hughes who is a regular member of the Cornwall based world music group 
Dan Hughes
Braga Tanga, and the expanded range of material now includes sambas, bossa novas, Cuban tunes, jazz standards, South African tunes and original material.  If you live in Cornwall in the Falmouth area and you fancy a meal and an evening of eclectic music with a strong Brazilian flavour then here are the details.
Saturday May 14th
The Four Winds Inn
Dracaena Avenue, Falmouth
Que Belo Castelo
Kate Blackmore: Flute, Sam Norman: Double Bass, Pete Turner: Percussion, Pete Kubryk Townsend: 7 String Guitar
with Dan Hughes: Clarinet
Tickets £12 - includes hot and cold buffet
Doors open 7 p.m. Food served from 8 p.m. Music commences 9 p.m.
Phone 01326 311369 for bookings

You may detect a faint resemblance between Pete Turner and Voltarol – pure coincidence, I assure you…