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Friday 7 October 2011

Excuse, Excuses...

I'm afraid that I've fallen a bit behind with my postings in recent weeks. The main reason for this is the fact that I appear to have bitten off more than I can chew just at the moment! My involvement with the Silvia Nicolatto project has meant that I set up another blog and (something I swore that I would never do) a Facebook presence. What with servicing these - essential for tour publicity - rehearsing and performing with the group, and fitting in time to do my radio show, The Voltarol blog has inevitably suffered. No great loss, some might say, but I enjoy writing it and you don't have to read it so I do intend to carry on as soon as the tour is over and I can concentrate on it for a bit. Having said that, I find myself increasingly posting YouTube clips to my Facebook page which previously would have been posted here. I suppose that is because I want to share the music but don't have the time to write about it at the moment. Next week sees the final leg of the tour, preceded by two days in the recording studio. After that I shall be back to these pages and scribbling away as hard as ever again. Also, I have decided to stop posting playlists from the Radio Programme. If you are interested in anything that I play (assuming that you actually listen to it) then contact me via Facebook or the Source fm's website and I'll happily provide you with all the information about the shows.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Play list for Wednesday 14th 2011

Adventures in the Din Trade (series 2) Wednesday 14th September 2011

 Andei (theme tune)

1. ZIZI POSSI – Bom Dia 3.21
Benjamin Taubkin Roland JV1000, Jether Garotti - piano, Guello – percussion
From ‘Valsa Brasiliera’ 1993

2. DALLA – King Harry Ferry Furry/Tregajorran Furry 5.40
Neil Davey – bouzouki, mandolin, fiddle, accordion, percussion; Hilary Coleman – clarinet, vocal, percussion; Simon Lockley-Brown – guitar, percussion. From the album ‘A Richer Vein’, 2001

3. CAROL JARVIS – Sang Til Lotta 6.23
Composed by Jan Sangström. From the Album ‘Smile’ 2010 (proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support)

4. JIM HALL/ BILL SMITH – A-Roving 4.12
Originally from ‘Folk Jazz’ 1959. Hall – guitar, Bill Smith – clarinet, Monty Budwig – bass, Shelly Manne – drums. Reissued by AVID Jazz in their classic albums series. 3 albums plus 7additional tracks as a double CD reissue for under a fiver!

5. JIMMY GIUFFRE – Four Brothers – 3.12
Giuffre – tenor & baritone saxes, clarinet; Bud Shank – alto sax; Jack Sheldon – trumpet; Shorty Rogers – flugel horn; Bob Enevoldson – valve trombone; Ralph Peña – bass; Shelly Manne – drums.  Originally from ‘Jimmy Giuffre’ 1954. Reissued by AVID on ‘Four Classic Albums plus… AMSC 948

6. JIMMY GIUFFRE – Crazy She Calls Me 4.15
Giuffre – clarinet, Jim Hall – guitar, Ralph Peña – bass. Originally from ‘The Train and the River’ 1956. Also now on the AVID double.

7. JIM HALL & PAT METHENY – Cold Spring 6.29
Hall and Metheny – guitars. Live recording from the album ‘Jim Hall & Pat Metheny 1999

8. RALPH VAUGHAN WILLIAMS – Norfolk Rhapsody No 1 in E minor 11.48
London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Bryden Thomas – Chandos label.
(Based on two folk songs)

9. JOSÉ ORLANDO – Morena da Palmeira (The Brunette of Palmeira) 2.39
From ‘Brazil Forró – Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers’ 1989.

10. CESAR CAMARGO MARIANO – Cantareira (Dish Rack) 3.37
From the album Cesar Camargo Mariano & Cia 1980

11. SILVIA NICOLATTO – Curva do Rio 3.10
From the album ‘Alem dos Gestos’ (Besides the Gestures)

12. FLAVIO VENTURINI – São Tomé 4.19
From the EMI ‘Hemisphere’ compilation ‘Brazil Blue’ issued in 1993

13. LULA GALVÃO – Change Partners and Dance with Me 6.27
By Irving Berlin.  Galvão – guitar, Fernando Moraes – piano, Sergio Barrozo – bass, Rafael Barata – percussion. From the album ‘Bossa da Minha Terra’ ( Bossas of my Country’ 2008

14. GILBERTO GIL – Dança de Shiva 3.45
From ‘Quanta’ 1997

15. PAUL SIMON – Late in the Evening 4.02
From ‘One Trick Pony’ 1980. Simon – guitar and vocal, Richard Tee – keyboards, Eric Gale – guitar, Tony Levin – bass, Steve Gadd – drums.

Sunday 11 September 2011

Voltarol on the radio again...

I'm finding the evening slot a much more relaxed one than the old Thursday afternoon show - there seems to be much less pressure because mine is the last live show of the day. Mind you, the next few weeks are going to be pretty busy for me as Silvia Nicolatto arrives in the country next weekend and there will be some serious rehearsals, followed by a series of gigs and two days in the recording studio. Nevertheless, I hope to bring you some interesting shows during that period. Here are the details of last Wednesday's show.

Adventures in the Din Trade (new season) Wednesday 7th September 2011

 Andei (theme tune)

1. BELA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES – Storm Warning 7.58

Bela Fleck – composer and banjos, Howard Levy – diatonic harmonica and piano, Victor Lemonte Wooton – electric bass, Futureman (otherwise known as Roy Wooten) –‘Drumitar’ with simultaneous acoustic drums and percussion.
From ‘Rocket Science’ 2011

2. PAUL SIMON – Getting Ready for Christmas Day 4.06

Paul Simon –vocals, electric guitar, percussion, Edie Brickell – background harmony, Rev J.M. Gates with congregation –sermon and calland response, Vincent Nguini –electric and acoustic rhythm guitars, Jim Oblon – drums.
From ‘So Beautiful or So What’ 2011

(Composed by Buddy Collette)
4. CHICO HAMILTON QUINTET – The Morning After 2.07
(Composed by Chico Hamilton)

Chico Hamilton – drums, Carson Smith –bass, Jim Hall – guitar, Fred Katz – cello, Buddy Collette – flute, clarinet, alto & tenor saxes.
From ‘The Chico Hamilton Quintet featuring Buddy Collette’ 1955

Re-released by AVID Jazz in their classic albums series. Double CD with three albums and 7 additional tracks. AMSC949. Under a fiver!

5. PABLO CASALS – Prelude, J.S.Bach: cello suite no 3 in C major 3.30

Originally recorded in 1936. Reissued by Naxos as a double CD: J.S.Bach: Cello Suites 1-6. Great Cellists series – Pablo Casals

6. DOM UM ROMÃO – Pra Que Chorar 4.40

From ‘Hotmosphere’ originally released 1976. CD reissue 1998. Pablo Records
Either Mauricio Smith or Lou de Gallo – flute solo, Sivuca – accordion and voice solo, Dom Salvador – piano solo, Dom um Romão – drums, Ron Carter – bass, with the voices of Julie Janeiro, Gloria Oliveira & Sivuca

7. ANOUAR BRAHEM – The Astounding Eyes of Rita 8.41

Anouar Brahem – oud, Klaus Gesing – bass clarinet, Bjorn Meyer – bass, Khaled Yassina – darbouka & bender.
From the album ‘The Astounding Eyes of Rita’ ECM 2008

8. GARY BURTON – Leroy the Magician 6.08

From ‘Good Vibes’ originally released 1969 on Atlantic and reissued on CD on the Collectable label in 2006. Burton – vibes, electric vibes, piano and organ; Bernard Purdie – drums; Chuck Rainey or Steve Swallow – bass; Sam Brown, Jerry Hahn or Eric Gale – guitar; Richard Tee – piano & organ (?)

9. JIM HALL – 9.20 special 5.41

From ‘Jazz Guitar: The Jim Hall Trio’. First issued 1957.
Jim Hall – guitar, Carl Perkins, piano (no, not that Carl Perkins), Red Mitchell – bass

Another re-release by AVID Jazz in their classic albums series. Double CD with three albums and 6 additional tracks. AMSC 1033. Under a fiver!


Music by me lyrics by Silvia. Voice mixed and recorded in São Paulo by Rodrigo de Castro Lopes, September 2011. Original recording made at the Bunker, Coverack 2001.
Claudia Colmer – bass, Pip Harben – drums, Max Turnbull – piano and me – guitar.

11. PETE TURNER/RICHARD AYERST – Ilha Grande Suite 16.50

Written by me with the exception of the batucada section, which was written by Richard Ayerst and the following section ‘At the Forro With Eloi’ which was co-written by Richard and me. It was recorded in 1995 at Woodshed Studio, Illogan. Sequencing by me and Richard Ayerst. Guitar, guitar synth and triangle.

Saturday 3 September 2011

New season on the radio...another gig at Hayle

Adventures in the Din Trade - the Radio Show - starts a new season this coming Wednesday evening at 9.30 pm on The Source 96.1 fm. at 9.30 pm. At last, "the late night show that - for your convenience - comes to you in the afternoon" is actually a late (ish) night show. I shall be reviewing some new releases, playing some of my own stuff and generally enjoying myself. If you want to catch the show on line then see 'Voltarol recommends' (right hand side of page) for a link.

On Friday, Que Belo Castelo are back at the Cornish Arms 86 Commercial Road, Hayle TR27 4DJ01736 753237 . Kick-off is at 9 pm so if you can make it we'll be glad to see you!

In the meantime I continue to work on the Silvia Nicolatto project. I have also set up a My Space page which might be of interest to you.

Friday 19 August 2011

Que Belo Castelo back in Hayle

Yes - they seem to like us at the Cornish Arms in Hayle. Que Belo Castelo are back there again next Friday, August 26th, for another evening of Brazilian, Cuban, Creole and South African sounds. It's the four piece line up ( Kate is still away) and we'll be playing from 9 pm. If you can make it down we'll be very pleased to see you...

Here are some pictures from the gig we did there at the beginning of July. My grandson Josh - a fine guitarist - was staying with my wife and I for the week, so he came down and sat in with us for a couple of numbers.
The band in full cry

Josh and Pete trade phrases on 'Sunshower' whilst proud grandparent inserts paunch between them whilst playing small Indian drum...
Dan gives it some stick...
Sam is his usual solemn self...
Left to right: Dan, Josh, Pete T, Pete K, Sam.

Monday 15 August 2011

Choro, Forró and Silvia...

This was my last show until the new series starts on Wednesday 7th September at the new time of 9.30 p m. In the mean time I am busy  promoting the Silvia Nicolatto tour that I shall be part of in September and October. For further details of this see the blog. You may also be entertained - or as likely repelled  - by this impression of me that was drawn  a few years ago by an acquaintance of mine. I came across it the other day whilst I was turning out some old papers...

ADVENTURES IN THE DIN TRADE – programme 14. Friday 12th August

1. MANEZINHO DE FLAUTA – Carinhoso 2.30


3. OS OITO BATUTAS – Urubu 2.59


5. NELSON ANGELO – 1 x 0 4.01


7. PAULO MOURA – Naquele Tempo 3.41


9. JOÃO BOSCO – Tico Tico No Fuba 3.38

10. HAMILTON DE HOLANDA/ZE DA VELHA etc - Noites Cariocas 5.05

11. PAULO MOURA/YAMANDU COSTA – Simplicidade 4.58

12. HERMETO PASCOAL – Chorinho pra Ele 2.20

13. HENRIQUE CAZES & FAMÍLIA VIOLÃ – Chorinho pra Ele 2.24

14. BENJAMIN TAUBKIN – Vibrações 7.50


16. LUIZ GONZAGA – Asa Branca 2.48

17. LUIZ GONZAGA – Baião 2.47

18. SIVUCA – Arrasta Pé (Party time North East Brazil) 4.23

19. SIVUCA – Xanana 2.49

20. HERMETO PASCOAL E GRUPO – Forró Brasil 2.38


22. SILVIA NICOLATTO – Girassol Negro 3.15

23. (3) SILVIA NICOLATTO - Caminhos de Iemanjá 3.54

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Apologies and announcements...

Those of you who listened last Friday will be aware that the show was a repeat of the last week's programme (see previous posting for details. Unfortunately I was laid low by an attack of Lurgy, brought about by side effects of a course of antibiotics. There is an irony in there somewhere but I can't quite put my finger on it at the moment...Next Friday's show (12th August) will be the last in the current series. I'm taking a break until September when the show will return at the new time of  9.30 pm on Wednesday evenings.

You may have notices that the photograph on my profile has made a change for the better. The picture is in fact of the Brazilian singer, Silvia Nicolatto, who I met on my last visit to the country (see Voltarol in Brazil 2010). Silvia will be in Cornwall in September and October and will be performing several gigs in the South West and I shall be part of her band. For the background story and regular updates, please check out this new blog. I will be telling some of the story and playing some of her music on the radio show this week. The first part of the show will be devoted to Choro and Forró. I shall be playing the Silvia Nicolatto tracks in the last half hour or thereabouts.